Friday, January 9, 2009

Working again...

I am almost off work! Yay for being up for 24 hours straight with only maybe an hour's worth of nap. Damien is getting his two front top teeth and he is cranky, I feel bad for mamma who was up all night with him. At least I had someone to talk to @ 4 in the morning. I have decided that life is definitely different when you are awake all night. Life seems a lot more surreal and dreamlike. Which I am sure is only my normal paranoia amplified by fatigue and the lack of the warming sun. Oh well. I'll be a crackpot crazy, someone has to do it! Today is Roxy's (Mick's daughter) 1 year birthday party. Should be a good time. Gotta go to a dinner for Sasha's Mary Kay thing tonight too. then, you guessed it, work! woo!