Saturday, January 24, 2009


I have realized that I enjoy a lot of downtime @ my job. I really should start freelance web designing... because then I could get paid for designing web pages, while I get paid to sit here at this hotel front desk. Getting paid for doing two jobs at once? Awesome.

Mountain Dew has been a savior to me for this job. I spend waaaay too much cash on this delectable drink made from the mist of the mountains. Or as we used to say in Boy Scouts, Mountain Goat Pee Water. Don't know why I capitalized that, just seems like something that should be capitalized! lol. I ramble a lot @ 1:50 AM in the morning I've decided. Life is a lot more surreal at night.

wow... just totally lost my train of thought! Oh well, I will be back on later tonight I'm sure. Off to work I go!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hercules-the Legendary Jouneys = campy fun

Hercules - The Legendary Journeys. What a wonderful waste of time. This show is all about bar brawls and monsters and Greek Gods. What could be better? I have spent the past week and a half watching season one of this wonderful show that I used to watch in Junior High. It is so horribly campy, that its funny. The acting is horribly awesome, the effects are amazingly bad, the sound effects of someone getting punched are just... well... great. If you enjoy b-rated action and Mr. do-good-always-wins Hercules, you will love this show. :D

In another words, (to quote Strongbad from Homestar Runner), School started last week (what a week it was) Should be a fun semester. As fun as going to the dentist, and at least there they give you nitrous oxide to make things interesting. :p Oh well. hooray for Idaho State University, good ole ISU, for taking my money and doing something so exciting with it that I never see what they use it on.

oh well... what do you do.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Working again...

I am almost off work! Yay for being up for 24 hours straight with only maybe an hour's worth of nap. Damien is getting his two front top teeth and he is cranky, I feel bad for mamma who was up all night with him. At least I had someone to talk to @ 4 in the morning. I have decided that life is definitely different when you are awake all night. Life seems a lot more surreal and dreamlike. Which I am sure is only my normal paranoia amplified by fatigue and the lack of the warming sun. Oh well. I'll be a crackpot crazy, someone has to do it! Today is Roxy's (Mick's daughter) 1 year birthday party. Should be a good time. Gotta go to a dinner for Sasha's Mary Kay thing tonight too. then, you guessed it, work! woo!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Here I Am, All Alone Again

Today I got a lot accomplished and still took a nap! Woo go me. I got registered for school *albeit only 9 credits, still waiting to see if a class that is full opens up*, went to my jobs and picked up my paychecks and deposited them, and got insurance squared away. It will be interesting only working one job, but I am ready to be done with Classic Interiors. I've wanted to quit for a while just didn't because of the money factor. Had an amazing dinner, made some steaks with baked potatoes and salad, along with some mixed veggies (peas and carrots ftw!). Now I am at work, getting paid to blog! Woo! gotta love hotel jobs. Been a good day. :) I'm excited to start school, but not excited to drive to Pocatello every MWF. Weak Sauce.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Apparently I already had a blog on here that I must have made and promply forgotten about. Oh well, this one will be the one I use from now on, and now that I work night audit at my hotel job, I will have lots and lots of time to update this! gonna try and start writing product reviews too! Think I might be able to make a little extra money online using my excellent grammatical techniques. *rolls eyes*

late night fun.

This is the start of something new for me, a place to put my thoughts and experiences in a tidy neat package on the web. Jumping on a bandwagon isn't easy, especially when it moves fast like the blogging universe online does. So, wish me luck!