Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Here I Am, All Alone Again

Today I got a lot accomplished and still took a nap! Woo go me. I got registered for school *albeit only 9 credits, still waiting to see if a class that is full opens up*, went to my jobs and picked up my paychecks and deposited them, and got insurance squared away. It will be interesting only working one job, but I am ready to be done with Classic Interiors. I've wanted to quit for a while just didn't because of the money factor. Had an amazing dinner, made some steaks with baked potatoes and salad, along with some mixed veggies (peas and carrots ftw!). Now I am at work, getting paid to blog! Woo! gotta love hotel jobs. Been a good day. :) I'm excited to start school, but not excited to drive to Pocatello every MWF. Weak Sauce.


  1. Yeah, me neither and I have to drive TUESDAYS as well. Double lame sauce.

  2. (PS) I clicked on a link for you, lol.