Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hercules-the Legendary Jouneys = campy fun

Hercules - The Legendary Journeys. What a wonderful waste of time. This show is all about bar brawls and monsters and Greek Gods. What could be better? I have spent the past week and a half watching season one of this wonderful show that I used to watch in Junior High. It is so horribly campy, that its funny. The acting is horribly awesome, the effects are amazingly bad, the sound effects of someone getting punched are just... well... great. If you enjoy b-rated action and Mr. do-good-always-wins Hercules, you will love this show. :D

In another words, (to quote Strongbad from Homestar Runner), School started last week (what a week it was) Should be a fun semester. As fun as going to the dentist, and at least there they give you nitrous oxide to make things interesting. :p Oh well. hooray for Idaho State University, good ole ISU, for taking my money and doing something so exciting with it that I never see what they use it on.

oh well... what do you do.

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